Our goal is to set you free

It is our passion to explore the endless beauty of Australia and we love to help others do the same. We believe there is no feeling better than journeying wherever your heart takes you, with no fear of the setting of the sun.

At Spirit of Adventure RVs, it is our utmost pride to offer high-quality, custom campervan, motorhome and caravan repairs and conversions to the Mandurah/Perth region.

Every design is custom built to create a conversion that is tailored to each of our customers. We combine decades of camping experience with our craft expertise, to develop the perfect balance of luxury and functionality.

Campervan by a lake

How we create your perfect conversion


Our designs are made to be like a home away from home.

The bespoke interiors create a warm, house like feeling that creates a comfortable space for you to be in. You can be relaxing in your living room, cooking in the kitchen or sleeping in your bedroom, wherever your spirit takes you.

Let nothing hold you back from feeling comfortable on your adventures!


Practicality is key when camping and there is nothing worse than a bad tool! That’s why our campervan conversions are made to work.

Jonas applies his decades of camping experience to each van, making sure there are no annoying design features getting in your way.

Every aspect is carefully crafted and practically tested so that they are as efficient and usable as possible.


We understand that you are unique and that’s why all our conversions are individual as you are.

Whether you dream of touring around Australia, are prospecting in the outback or just want a home with you wherever you go, we can make your campervan conversion work for you.

From a basic layout to all the bells and whistles, have your choice of colours, layout and custom features.

Campervan Bed
Campervan Practical Details
Campervan Personalised Details